it is a lot harder to get into stand-up than i thought, i guess that is it for now.

Writer's Block: And You Can’t Even Say Goodbye
If you had to enter the Witness Protection Program, whom would you find it the hardest to NOT ever contact again?
Where do I sign up.  Are all of my debts forgiven if I go into the witness protection program, if so not contacting anybody from my previous life would an extremely small price to pay.  If the FBI or U.S. Marshall's office is reading this, Please allow me to be a witness in some case perhaps a drug cartel or mob case.

I just joined a group speciffically for tall people and I actually fit in.  Perhaps all of my problems fitting in were due to my height and I just could not stand all of the short people.  Perhaps that was the cause my being an ass and going against the grain.  Tall really are cool. 

For those of you who are short and took this post seriously, I was being somewhat sarcastic, but seriously, tall people are cool.

blah blah blah
why did i pay 3.50 for fried mushrooms and only got six, it seems like a rip-off to me but oh well.

secondly, to those of you (grey glitter), who think i should post more.  I am not able to use the internet except for once a week so you will have to settle for once a week posts for now.

thirdly, and more seriously,  I have been lambasted recetly by quite a lot of people for my interests and what i have to say to those of you who might stumble across this journal is this.  I might be your next door neighbor utilizing the internet to be fake and pose like someone else like most of you so keep your kids close because i might be right around the corner, ha ha ha. 

but seriously fuck all of you, i will be who i want to be including all of my wonderful little quirks so back off if you enjoy being you. 

To all of those who have not lambashed me, then disregard those previous comments.

cleaning my act up
after a very stupid thing i did just recently, i have decided to clean my act up considerably.  I cleaned up my interest section so it would not reflect my sexual devientness.  That part of me should remain private until it is safe to let out.  I have also learned that I need clean some things from the internet that are traceable back to me so I will be doing that.  I am 26/27 so it is time for me to professional and start thinking how I present myself to people.  I mean I do want to make friends right?

Writer's Block: Controversial Interrogation Techniques
Do you think controversial interrogation techniques should be used to get key intelligence from alleged terrorists? When, if at all, could it go too far?
The government does things all of the time that we as lowly citizens should not and do not want to know about.  What makes interogation technigues any different?  When it comes to sensitive informationm the media should not be allowed to learn or obtain such information.  I would say that this country has for the most part been kept safe by these interogation techniques.  Well, ok, maybe some of these detainees don't know anything, but how are we going to know without interogating them, duh.  Media, please stay out of the governments way, and let them continue to do things that are "unsavory", which again is why we shouldn't even know about it.


duran duran/holy roman empire
thank you grey glitter for the inspiring topic.

duran duran

For those of you who think duran duran is a band with a silly name that does not make sense even if they decided not to be redundant and just call themselves duran, you would be worng. 

duran duran is actually a common dish in India similar to kus kus (or other spelling variety), it is a very fibrous dish made from wheat germ.  it is usually used as a base for a very spicy dish to hard to pronounce or even type.  Most United States of Americans couldn't even handle. It is so hot and spicy, even indians (from india) who developed the dish have been known to pass out or even die from it.  So, next time you are in India, try some duran duran.

holy roman empire

to sum up this failed experiement, I will mention one word - crusades.  This was Christian extremistism at its best.  Islamic Jihadists don't have anything on these Xtreme Christian badasses who claimed they doing something for God which I guess included burning villages and cities, stealing wealth and artifacts, raping women and children and killing anybody (including inocent bystandards) who got in their way.  Any good war monger who claims to serve god knows that this is the way to do it.  Would you rather have a Christian Crusader or a Islamic Jihadist coming into your town?  Probably a Jihadist, at least they kill themselves in the process.  So holy roman empire looks more like evil not-really-roman fucked up church who claims to be an empire.  I myself would rather be a Viking where there is a god (Odin) who actually condones good war mongering and when you die in battle you get to go to Valhalla (heaven)

send me more discussion topics please.

hmm...what to write about.  well, i am a single male who is very single, no that isn't good to write about.  hmm...well, i don't know - if you have any ideas let me know.  just give me any idea and I will write about it even if I have to make it up.  won't that be fun. YAY!!!! 

what to do?
Here recently my status as an outcaste has been confirmed.  When you are rejected from the church and aren't allowd to persue ministry in the way you think God is leading you, you start to wander.  I am an outcaste.  I am one because I refuse to be a sell out, I refuse to give up and just exist like everyone else as a drone of society and church.  I guess I never really fit in anywhere, but I never really wanted to either.  Fitting in seemed sad to me.  I need to be me.  I've seen how the church can be hurtful and damaging to people who feel outcaste.  If you are reading this, then let me explain that there is nothing wrong with you, it is them.  Anyway, what am I going to do now that I am free in a sense.  There is only one thing to do and that is embrace life as an outcaste, perhaps reach out and help others that feel as though they are the forgotten and outcaste of society.   


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